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Features of the Automatic Pit Evacuator:

This device is designed for use in wastewater lift stations.

The Pit Evacuator works automatically in conjunction with your existing pump. The Evacuator creates a powerful Venturi effect that captures solids on the waters' surface and sand from the bottom of the pit. These materials are then mixed into the water column and evacuated by the exsisting pump.

Advantages include:

*Significantly increases dissolved oxygen in lift stations.

*Eliminates pumping costs and reduces amount of untreated waste sent to landfills.
* Reduces potential bio-hazard exposure to maintenance workers and liability to employeers.
* Reduces odor control problems and associated costs.
* Simplicity - no moving parts or additional power sources to maintain.
* Low, one-time cost for turn-key installation.

When the pump runs a portion of the water sent through the discharge pipe is diverted to the Automatic Pit Evacuator. The "Venturi" effect sucks floating sludge and solids down to the floor of the pit and mixes it with the sand and other solids on the pit floor. This effect causes everything in the pit to be thoroughly mixed. The pump can then send the pit contents (liquids and solids) to the treatment plant.

An Automatic Pit Evacuator at work cleaning a 33 foot deep lift station at the municipality in Starke, FL.

Our standard installation includes: PVC pipe, brass valve, steel tap, and stainless steel bolts.

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Pit Evacuator (High)
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Pit Evacuator (Low)
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